CSR The commitments of ALCEN

As a responsible employer and committed company, ALCEN implements numerous initiatives in the service of an effective and relevant CSR policy, specific to each company within the group.

A comprehensive CSR policy, integrated into the strategy

Within Alcen, we form a human community. We are respectful of the physical individuals with whom we come into contact, whether they are internal or external to our company, of the legal entities whether they be clients, suppliers, partners, and of the commitments we undertake, whether written or spoken.

We believe that subsidiarity must drive the organization of our company. We aim to be part of the chain of technological progress, designed by and for people, and contribute, through our innovations, to providing solutions to the problems they face. » »

Pierre Prieux

President of ALCEN

The group CSR policy is implemented within Alcen’s subsidiaries, driven by dedicated CSR managers who together coordinate, stimulate, and inspire various projects, materialized into responsible actions.

Our actions for an honest and respectful organization

With the commitment to maintain a high level of compliance in all decisions: Ensure integrity, ethics, and fairness

  • Group code of conduct incorporating an anti-corruption policy and an anonymous whistleblowing system
  • Promotion of business relations with companies from the same territory
  • Selection of suppliers based on criteria of price, practices, and proximity

ALSYMEX – Tarbes (65)

Our actions for the environment

With the development of multiple actions dedicated to energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact, initiated and coordinated by subject within each organization.

Optimizing energy efficiency

With the implementation of targeted concrete actions and the installation of high-performance, less energy-consuming systems:

  • Precise monitoring of energy consumption indicators
  • Regulatory energy audits of production sites
  • Programming by 2030 to reduce energy consumption for the various sites concerned by the Tertiary Decree
  • Commitment to a Policy of reducing consumption:
    • Installation of Centralized Technical Management systems (temperature, servers, tools, etc.)
    • Replacement of lighting with LED systems, programming of operating hours, activation through presence detectors
    • Renewal of systems and equipment with newer, more efficient ones
    • Installation of destratifiers in workshops
    • Installation of heat pumps, photovoltaic shading systems, etc.

Limiting waste production

With the involvement of employees in a collective and individual approach, combining waste reduction, the fight against waste, and recycling:

  • Daily limitation of disposable products, notably by replacing plastic materials (cups, etc.) with glass and metal materials
  • Reduction of paper consumption by limiting printing and using the blank side of sheets, etc.
  • Recycling of equipment and furniture in partnership with eco-organization services
  • Use of centrifuges to treat vibro-abrasion discharges in a closed circuit, thus reducing water consumption and stopping the discharge of polluted industrial waters

Limiting carbon emissions

Commitment to a Policy of reducing pollution emissions:

  • Precise monitoring of carbon emission indicators
  • Implementation of a Green Car Policy favoring renewals with electric vehicles and the installation of charging stations in Alcen company parking lots
  • Limitation of travel encouraged, promoting remote meetings, and the establishment of a Telework Charter for eligible positions

Electric car charging station, PMB site – Peynier (France)

Our employer policy: respect, subsidiarity, equity

With the shared will, across all functions and at all hierarchical levels, to promote a corporate culture that is respectful and fair, supported by several fundamentals, especially the principle of subsidiarity:

Promote equality and diversity

Gender equality charter

Promote the development of employees

Active training policies, apprenticeship contracts, etc.

Respect the rights of employees

  • Active fight against all forms of discrimination
  • Appointment of Disability representatives and careful monitoring of the development of disabled individuals
  • Implementation of an anonymous and confidential dialogue tool, accessible to all employees

Ensure optimal safety and hygiene conditions at the workplace

  • Implementation of annual Safety diagnostics to reduce workplace accidents
  • Prevention plans based on indicators

Actively fight against harassment

  • Appointment of Harassment representatives
  • Establishment of an alert procedure

Beehives on the roof, ITOPP site – Thegra (France)

Our commitments to human health

For over ten years, ALCEN and its medical subsidiaries have been investing significant financial and human resources in favor of human health. Two of the projects are developed below:

In the fight against cancer

THERYQ, a subsidiary of ALCEN, is a global pioneer in developing a revolutionary cancer-fighting technology, Flash radiotherapy. THERYQ is working in particular with the CHUV and CERN.

Flash radiotherapy drastically reduces treatment time and limits side effects on healthy tissues, especially in aggressive cancers resistant to traditional radiotherapies, which today represent 30 to 40% of cases. Much less constraining and more comfortable for patients, its effectiveness will allow a drastic reduction in cases of fatal cancers worldwide estimated at 10 million (2020).

THERYQ develops and produces machines capable of delivering Flash radiotherapy: FLASHKNIFE, operational within the oncology service of Professor Deutsch at the Gustave Roussy Institute (the leading cancer center in Europe) and soon FLASHDEEP, the second generation of THERYQ’s radiotherapy machines, currently under development, which will offer even more precise and effective therapeutic action on 95% of tumors.

In the diagnosis of bipolar disorder

ALCEDIAG, a subsidiary of ALCEN, has developed an innovative biological tool that allows for the precise and rapid diagnosis of bipolar disorders, providing immediate access to appropriate treatment.

A major health issue, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder is complex and can lead to long diagnostic wanderings, causing suffering and medical complications for patients and their families.

It affects 190 million patients worldwide, is considered one of the ten most disabling diseases, reduces life expectancy by 10 to 20 years, and leads to suicide attempts in 50% of patients.

Today, Edit-B, whose development is co-financed by EIT Health, represents the only solution in the world in the diagnosis of bipolarity, with a demonstrated efficacy of over 80%. It has CE marking.


ADR team – Thomery (France)

Our humanitarian and associative actions

ALCEN has funded and directed the drilling, construction, and maintenance of a freshwater well in the village of Sekoureba, in West Africa. Access to water is crucial. It contributes directly to a significant improvement in living conditions: hygiene, local development (livestock, agriculture), and saves children and women from the burden of water collection, for which they may walk very long distances on foot.

Financing a freshwater well in Sekoureba (Mali)

Our educational and artistic commitments

Fondation Musique Avant Toute Chose

ALCEN supports the Foundation Musique Avant Toute Chose(Fondation de France) which works for the composition, preservation, production, teaching, and dissemination of Western music (classical music, jazz, tonal contemporary music) as well as the PSL symphony orchestra and choir conducted by Johan Farjot.